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Aside from being a Personal Guide who is accredited by Embratur (the Brazilian Tourism Agency), Carla Pettersen is also a Conference Interpreter who interprets into and out of English after having graduated from PUC-São Paulo (the Catholic University of São Paulo).   This was a specialist vocational course which allowed her to bring together two of her greatest passions namely: culture and languages.

The interpreting profession makes multilingual communications possible by ensuring that the meaning contained in a source language is transferred as well as conveying the tone, intentions, convictions and style of the speaker.   It is a specialist skill where being intellectually curious, having linguistic skills and possessing an in-depth knowledge of cultures, makes the greatest difference.

As Carla interprets into English and French, in addition to having an acute awareness of world cultures and a varaciously curious intelect, she is considered as one of the best in her field in relation to personal and public communications. Dynamism, professionalism and love for her profession, are all evident in the activities carry out by Carla.

It is very important to understand that to interpret is not synonimous with translating. Translating focuses on the written word and most of the time the translator does not have direct contact with the author of the text. Also, the work is undertaken at a prearranged time.  Whereas interpreting focuses on the spoken word and interpreters need to convey meaning instantly and in the best way possible without having time to review what has been said.   This is the reason why it is an activity that demands absolute concentration and the ability to assimulate a variety of themes.

The work of being an interpreter is carried out by Carla as an intellectual exercise as well as opening up the possibilty of estabilshing connections between different perspectives and cultural approaches, since individuals who attend conferences often speak different languages and have different cultures and backgrounds. To summarise, Carla veiws being an interpreter as more than just an opportunity to do something that she loves.