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Coffee Tour

Coffee Tour

During the history of the state of São Paulo, the coffee farms were always present and the export of the beans generated great wealth during that time. The state of São paulo has several coffee farms, which tell us not only about the history of the place, but also offer gastronomy, lodging and leisure options.

When visiting a historic coffee farm, it is possible to know a little more about the culture, traditions and architecture of the region. The architecture ranges from farm to farm, some are Portuguese style, some are Italian, among others and the characteristic design of the time can be noticed, such as the use of delicate hand-painted tiles or rooms which are decorated with wooden furniture.

It is interesting to understand how the process of planting and harvesting of the grain works, since Brazil is the largest coffee producer and exporter in the world. You will experience life in the farm. Therefore, visiting a historic coffee farm allows the tourist to know not only the history of the place but also to know what it was like to live on a farm.

  • Tours given in the following languages: Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and Italian.
  • Departure time: 09:00. Departure location to be given by the client.
  • Lunch is not included in the price.
  • Cost per person based on the number of tourists.
  • Tour start time and location to be chosen by the client.
  • Duration: 6 hrs. The tour starts the moment you enter the car.